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Category: Blog

Meal Prepping For The Week | Gym Meal Prep Box

Don't waste your time or money at the grocery store. Just prepare healthy meals for yourself in just a few easy steps!

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Meat Only For 28 Days - Carnivore Diet

Meat Only For 28 Days - Carnivore Diet This is not medical advice, please see your doctor for professional health advice. So I lost 5kgs eating meat for 28 days! I wasn't sure at the start but I had to try it. After doing a bit of research online there has been some good results people have claimed. […]

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Thai Beef Salad | The Summer Salad

Here is a beef salad that has such an interesting and unique flavour, you'll be making it all the time! Ingredients: Salad Dressing Lime or Lemon Fish Sauce Tamarind paste or Concentrate Sugar Striploin/Porterhouse or whatever steak you want really Bean Sprouts or Snake beans or both Mint Thai Coriander or coriander Red Onion or […]

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Filet Mignon | Eye Fillet

Eye fillet is a lean cut of steak that delivers more tenderness than other cuts.

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Japanese A5 Kagoshima Wagyu

A5 being one of the highest grading in Japan for wagyu beef this piece of wagyu is just a treat and something different to what we are use to. Not an everyday steak but one for special occasions and definitely to be shared with family and friends for the experience! All I did was bring […]

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Reversed Seared Tomahawk With MSG & Salt

Okay previously we tried MSG aged vs. SALT on steak. But this time we are combining it together to see if it does taste better . To start, reverse searing a steak is one of the best ways to cook a thick steak. I love my steaks rare to medium rare from edge to edge. […]

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Everyone needs to try this experiment. MSG has had a bad wrap in the past, but the rumours have since been debunked and is now more accepted in cooking and restaurants. 2 scotches, 300 grams each. 1 piece aged in MSG for 24 hours and the other 20 mins with salt! The colour difference was […]

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Wine & Wagyu

Date night sorted!! Impress your date with some grilled Wagyu & Steak Tartare . This wagyu pack is $100 with some quality Barossa Shiraz from Gibson Wines. The pairing with wagyu has never been better, really the wagyu speaks for its self and need only needs minimal flavour. But I wanted to try something different […]

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Red Chimmichuri Sauce

This chimmi sauce was quick and easy to make which will go with any meat! Just grab the ingredients and wizz it all together. Give gravy a break on your steaks and try this Argentinian sauce that will make your steak come to life. It has a tangy taste that adds this beautiful acidic taste […]

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How to Host the Hottest BBQ in Town (without burning yourself out)

Five easy life hacks to throwing a great BBQ without wanting to throw yourself off a cliff. There’s nothing better than a great BBQ, is there? The tantalizing scents of charred meats and caramelized vegetables.  The sight of the smiling faces and old friends.  The sound of excited chatter and uproarious laughter.  The heat of […]

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Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working professional, serving your meals at time is a never ending challenge. On one hand you fret about serving nutritious and healthy meals to your kids, and on the other hand you struggle to fetch more time in the kitchen to actually make it happen […]

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We know how much you love to grill your favourite meat. But this shouldn’t be the reason to keep away from smoking up some veggies as well. Grilling offers a great way to add that distinct smoky flavour to your favourite (or not so favourite) veggies, and transform them into a completely new avatar. But […]

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