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Filet Mignon | Eye Fillet


Depending on how much butter you use, filet minion can be healthy. If you're looking for a low-fat healthy meal, you may need to take it easy on the butter, but it's definitely healthier than other fattier cuts of meat. With its rich flavour and tender texture, Eye Fillet is perfect for grilling it's easy to cook and doesn't require any Michelin stars to cook a delicious steak.

Get the temperature of the steak to room temperature so it will make the cook a lot easier in the pan. If the butter looks like its going to burn, take out the steak, wrap the filet in aluminium foil and chuck it in the oven and get it to your desired internal temperature! Bon appetite

You may be wondering what the difference is between a filet mignon and an eye fillet. Well, they are actually one in the same! It's just that some butcher shops refer to it as "filet" while others call it "eye fillet." The cut comes from the tenderloin of beef and therefor has a very lean profile with little fat on its exterior. That means that if you're looking for a low-fat healthy meal, you may need to take it easy on the butter when cooking up your steak but feel free to add more salt or pepper instead. If you want something more fatty than this cut of meat, we recommend checking out our scotch fillet or porterhouse which are both delicious and some what healthy options if you can cut out the carbs.

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