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How to Host the Hottest BBQ in Town (without burning yourself out)


Five easy life hacks to throwing a great BBQ without wanting to throw yourself off a cliff.

There’s nothing better than a great BBQ, is there?

The tantalizing scents of charred meats and caramelized vegetables.  The sight of the smiling faces and old friends.  The sound of excited chatter and uproarious laughter.  The heat of the ribs stinging your fingertips as you sink your teeth in, and the tangy zip of the sauce dancing on your tongue.  A BBQ is truly a feast for the senses and the soul.  And you know what else a BBQ is?

...a total pain in the neck to plan.

At the end of the day, hosting and planning a BBQ can be a logistical nightmare – and when you add the pressure of day to day life, it can seem almost impossible to pull off without driving yourself completely bonkers.  

But have no fear, dear reader:  There is a way.

No matter how many soccer practices you might have to drive to or how many business meetings you have to attend, you can throw an incredible, memorable, and delicious BBQ with minimal effort and time.  With these five easy tips, you can host a BBQ that will be the envy of the neighborhood – without driving yourself crazy in the process.

  1. Simple will save you.  No one is going to a BBQ expecting a five-course meal or extravagant menu.  Utilize the KISS system:  Keep it simple, stupid.  Invest in high quality meats, great cuts, simple flavoring, and a hot grill.  The rest will work itself out.
  2. Let your neighbors show off.  Inevitably, each guest you invite will ask if they can bring anything – the answer should always be a resounding YES.  Your guests will be thrilled to show off their dish and you won’t have to come up with a million sides.
  3. Disposables are your friend.  Reduce your clean-up time and frustration with recyclable metal cooking trays, bins, and chaffing dishes.  These are incredibly inexpensive, recyclable in most areas, and make clean-up completely effortless.  Consider doing the same with paper plates and compostable utensils.  Mother Earth and your sanity will thank you.
  4. Load up on ice blocks.  Keeping your meats, condiments, and beverages cool is of critical importance on a hot, sweltering day.  Unfortunately, ice cubes and chips are no match for the summer sun, and there isn’t much worse than reaching into the cooler only to pull a beer out of a pool of lukewarm water.  Ice blocks stay frozen longer, keeping your items chilled to perfection.
  5. Be prepared.  Make a checklist ahead of time, and simply tick the to-dos off one at a time.  Charcoal?  Check.  Bluetooth speaker charged?  Check.  Meat ordered?  Check.  Tiny steps will make a gigantic difference in the long run.

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