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G’day Meat, delivering restaurant quality meats, direct to your door. Our premium products are the perfect way to impress your family and friends. We can supply your next BBQ or gathering, as well as your weekly shop for beef, chicken, lamb and pork. Grocery shopping at your finger tips. Try our quality products today! Proudly sourcing our products from farms throughout SA.


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We make food safety and quality our upmost priority which is why we have a fully accredited and third party audited and approved HACCP plan. Our plan identifies all the potential food safety and quality hazards (quality, physical, chemical and microbiological) for each processing step and has preventative measures already in place to control and prevent any risk. The HACCP plan is also used to control the possibility of any allergen contamination to ensure you can consume our products with the upmost confidence.

We strive to be the best at what we do so are continually evolving, updating and scrutinising our system and working with our third party auditors to ensure worlds best practice is always being implemented and followed. We like to supply high quality products which the current market is demanding and always seek to ensure we meet and exceed expectation which is why we have a large range of accreditations such as organic certification, free range and RSPCA approved chicken to ensure we meet everyones requirements.

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