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Everyone needs to try this experiment. MSG has had a bad wrap in the past, but the rumours have since been debunked and is now more accepted in cooking and restaurants.

2 scotches, 300 grams each. 1 piece aged in MSG for 24 hours and the other 20 mins with salt! The colour difference was clear, the MSG aged was darker, tighter and had shrunk a little. The difference in weight would be very little if any. Both the 2 steaks was close to room temperature as the hot charcoals awaited in the Weber. 3 mins on each side for both steaks would be enough for a rare to medium rare. I did notice the smell from the MSG aged steak to have a really nice smell, a smell that was more attractive on the nose along with the charcoals burning. However the normal steak+salt was no different on the nose to every other time I have cooked steaks.

Not going to lie, I was sure the MSG aged steak would taste better. The smell to the colour of the crust was just looking too good! The texture cutting into it would be the same as every other time I cut into scotches so no extra points there. Cutting both the steaks down the middle and aiming for the same little strip just to make sure they were equally judged.

And now for the moment of truth!! Went the old salted steak first and it was brilliant like every other time ( just a tad bias ), but the MSG steak was different. More beefier flavour, wasn't salty just a better version of beef. Very different in smell as well it was good, but still felt the 20 minutes in salt did a better job actually enhancing the beef flavour.

So salt for 20 mins wins this little experiment but will also lead me to try another aged experiment with salt and MSG in the coming weeks... Can't wait for that - 24 Hour Salt MSG aged steak!!

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