We know how much you love to grill your favourite meat. But this shouldn’t be the reason to keep away from smoking up some veggies as well. Grilling offers a great way to add that distinct smoky flavour to your favourite (or not so favourite) veggies, and transform them into a completely new avatar. But not all vegetables work equally when it comes to grilling. So, here we are enlisting a few veggies that turn into an absolute delight with grilling, making you want for more!

  • Corn

Corn is undoubtedly one of the most popular and preferred veggies that taste excellent after grilling. Perhaps, this is the reason why you can commonly spot corn stalls at almost every corner of the street. Squeeze a little lemon and your fresh and juicy corn with the smoky aroma of the grill will taste even better!

  • Portobello Mushrooms

What makes Portobello mushrooms just the perfect summer veggie to grill is their ability to stay intact and bear the process of grilling without falling apart. The fact that these mushrooms are flat in shape makes them quite a delight to grill. Another perk of choosing Portobello variety of mushrooms for grilling is their ability to marinate easily and leave you with a scrumptious smoky flavour. 

  • Onions

Team it with a kebab or any other meat platter; grilled onions tend to fit in with all! What makes onions an all rounder in terms of grilling is the fact that they have the ability to retain their mellow taste, despite the crunch added with grilling. So no matter what you have in your BBQ menu, you can always make some special place for your sweet and crunchy grilled onions. 

  • Zucchini

There is no better way to enhance the natural flavour of your zucchini than deciding to grill it up a bit. In order to make your grilled zucchini all the more finger licking, make sure to squeeze some lemon before you throw it on the grills. 

  • Capsicum

Much like onions, grilled capsicum too gel perfectly with any of your grilled platters or kebabs. So, if you are looking for some staple veggies that can be added to your BBQ session this summer, then don’t forget to go for your favourite capsicums as well!

  • Eggplant 

If you haven’t tasted grilled eggplant yet, then your taste buds are actually missing out on some serious fun. No matter how the eggplant ends up looking after you throw it on the grill, but it will definitely sweep your feet off with its unique smoky taste. 

  • Tomatoes

Talk of grilled veggies and how can you forget to mention tangy and charred tomatoes! Tomatoes are an absolute delight when grilled. But, unlike most of the other veggies included in this list, tomatoes will give you a much hard time grilling. Tomatoes are so juicy that somehow you’ll find it quit difficult to manage the spilling liquid during the process of grilling. 

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