Make the best Birria Tacos!


Birria tacos are a popular dish

in Jalisco, Mexico. Birria is a type of stew that predates European settlement in the Americas and is known to have been served at least as far back as Aztec times. It consists primarily of goat meat or lamb (though beef may be used) which has been simmered for hours with garlic, onions, and a variety of chili peppers. The resulting broth or consome is then used to cook the meat which is shredded and served inside soft tacos along with the broth as a dipping sauce.

Ingredients for Birria Tacos:

1 kg Chuck Roast

Any Beef Rub

1 Onion



Bay leaves

5 Cloves garlic

1ltr Beef broth


Small soft tacos



Chilli peppers - Feel free to mix up and use what you have, there is no right or wrong way in doing this but just having fun giving it a go. Here is what I used:

Guajillo chilli

Ancho chilli

Dried chilli


  1. Get the smoker temp to 300 Fahrenheit/150 Degrees Celsius and grill the seasoned meat on both sides for 5 mins and get a bit of smoke in the meat.
  2. Add to pot/dutch oven - All chili peppers, onion, thyme, bay leaves, garlic and meat after grilling or searing. Then top up with beef broth and water.
  3. Leave pot in smoker for 1.5 hours and remove chili peppers, onions, garlic, bay leaves and blend then add back to the pot.
  4. Remove meat and give a rough chop and return to the pot
  5. Heat oil in a separate pan in medim heat, dip soft tacos in mixture and throw into pan, add cheese, meat and onion.
  6. Toasting each side until both sides have a little crisp.
  7. Serve with dipping Broth/consome', onion, limes and coriander.

The birria tacos get another layer of smokiness by cooking in the smoker. This already fantastic dish from Mexico gets an extra something when you add it up. You may make this dinner on your stovetop and it will still be delicious! But if you have the ability to cook with a smoker, it's definitely worth the extra effort.

Birria tacos are traditionally served with a side of lime and chili pepper for dipping. The acidity from the lime and the heat from the chili help to cut through the richness of the birria and make for a truly delicious experience.

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