Japanese A5 Kagoshima Wagyu


A5 being one of the highest grading in Japan for wagyu beef this piece of wagyu is just a treat and something different to what we are use to. Not an everyday steak but one for special occasions and definitely to be shared with family and friends for the experience!

All I did was bring the A5 sirloin wagyu to room temperature, bring the pan to medium high heat and no oil or butter needed!!

Flipping the piece of wagyu every 30 seconds until your favourite internal temperature ( medium rare ). It was so easy to cook because of the marbling of the steak, so easy you couldn't stuff it up. Wagyu is best eaten Medium Rare to Medium but if you enjoy it Well Done, this piece is for you! The marbling in the meat makes it rich, 100 to 150 grams per person will suffice. It may not look like much but it will fill you up once you pair it with some of you favourite carbs.

Definitley one to try, especially during this festive season!

Check out the video below let us know what you think. definitely would try some other dipping sauce's maybe some soy, ginger and wasabi or maybe even some chimichuri!


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