King Fish & Tuna Tartare Tacos


Need a summer dish?

Make amazing Tuna and Kingfish Tartare Tacos. The ingredients are simple, but the end result is sure to impress. Fresh Guacomole with wasabi with fried dumplings skin is another way for making this tartare dish come to life. Got some local frozen tuna & king fish sashimi slices from Mori and they were beautiful!

Dumplings skins are a good alternative to taco shells. They are cheap and can be bought at local supermarkets or asian grocery store.


Tuna/Kingfish Sashimi Dice

Dumpling skins


Soy Sauce


Red onion


Sesame/Poppy Seeds

Acocado/ Wasabi

Fry dumpling skins for about 30 seconds on medium high or until crunchy. Throw in the Tartare mix in and ad the Wasabi/Guacomole and chives on top! The wasabi in the avo mix isn't strong but a has a smooth kick without taking your head off. Goes really well with the sesame seeds which adds a nutty taste to it!

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