Red Chimmichuri Sauce


This chimmi sauce was quick and easy to make which will go with any meat! Just grab the ingredients and wizz it all together.

Give gravy a break on your steaks and try this Argentinian sauce that will make your steak come to life. It has a tangy taste that adds this beautiful acidic taste that dances with a hint of chilli. There is also a green version of this sauce that doesn't include the red peppers.

Really got inspired by our local Argentinian Restaurant on Gouger street, Gauchos. They have been doing the Chimmichuri sauce for many years now paired with their dry aged steaks which is always our home for the best steaks in Adelaide.


Lime 1/2


Chilli flakes

Onion 1/2

Red pepper bell

3 Garlic

200ml Vinegar

200ml Olive oil

tsp Salt


1 egg yolk

tsp Paprika 

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