Reversed Seared Tomahawk With MSG & Salt

Tomahawk Steak

Okay previously we tried MSG aged vs. SALT on steak. But this time we are combining it together to see if it does taste better .

To start, reverse searing a steak is one of the best ways to cook a thick steak. I love my steaks rare to medium rare from edge to edge. Reverse searing allows a more evenly cooked steak, rather than having it more over cooked on the edges. On top of this cooking method paired with a 50/50 MSG & salt to dry brine for about 20 minutes before throwing in the smoker or oven. Cranking the temperature to about 180 degrees farenheit throw in your steak and get the internals of the steak to 100 degrees farenheit. Letting it rest for 5 mins and putting it on the BBQ or grill for a final sear getting the internal temp of 125 degrees farenheit for a medium rare.

Not going to lie, this is a game changer! The flavour is more intense with the smoke and brings out this beefiness that is better than what I expected. It is a really good return on investment to get the most out of your steak. Everyone needs to try MSG and salt no matter how you cook it, it's a win win!


MSG again but with salt this time! Reversed seared Tomahawk! Must try!!! ###fypシ ##tomahawksteak ##steak ##tiktokfood ##beef ##gdaymeat ##msg ##carnivorediet

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